Producing and Consuming Messages in Node.JS with Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)

Let’s create an Express application to work with our demo queue. That’ll give us the ability to expose some HTTP endpoints for enqueuing and dequeuing messages. Of course, messaging might normally happen “behind the scenes” in a microservice (or monolith) in response to user actions or other business rules. But for this demo, it gives us a nice way to test out the queue. Run the following command to quickly scaffold out an Express application (this assumes you have the installed). We’ll also install the and (optionally) (for pretty debug messages) while we’re at it.

In this post, we created an AQ queue and an Express application that produces and consumes messages from that queue. Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll look at building upon this application to allow it to act as a “bridge” between AQ and other messaging protocols.